Minecraft Life Blog

My living and building world.

Welcome to my blog. This blog is for my Minecraft diary that I have started to write. I hope you enjoy my adventures in my world. I will be uploading weekly on a Tuesday around 9pm (GMT) Dublin, Edinburgh, Lisbon, London time zone.

The world is created in the feed the beast unleash pack. I picked this pack as I like all the mods in it and my computer can’t run anything higher from FTB. I will be recording in weekly slots in the Minecraft world which will be 7 Minecraft days. Below you will find the key to abbreviations to word I will be using.

World Time for upload
Ireland/Uk 9.00AM
USA 3.00AM
Australia 5.30PM
China 4.00PM
Japan 5.00PM
Canada 2.00AM
Russia 3.00PM


MCD Minecraft Day
FTB Feed the beast