Week 1 Wandering around this new world and collecting ore

Day 1

After I spawning into this new world I started to travel around looking for a plains biome to set-up a house and build a village. I travelled through 4 different biomes. The first was a snow biome. It had small hills and an ocean. There were trees and cattle. The second was a desert. Lots of sand and some cactus. the third was extreme hills. I did way marked these but the way mark disappeared. I will go looking for them at a later date.

Snow biome

After travelling for a couple of days I came across a plains biome. I set-up camp and build a mud house. I the future I will build a proper house. I started to mine for coal and sticks. I also found so iron so I can make sheers to sheer sheep wool. Now I can make  a bed and sleep the night away. I also made some wooden tools and upgraded them to stone. I made a furnace to cook meat and smelt raw ore.

Plains Biome

Had to make a few chests to store all the food and ore that I am collecting.

Day 2

I have collected sand and clay to make sear brick. With this I will build a smelter y to create iron tools that have make mining quicker. I have made a hammer and a pickaxe