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Farming Simulator 2017 Map Tour: Estancia Lapacho

Map Name: Estancia Lapacho

The new DLC introduces you to the new South American playground with its authentic landscape and unique vegetation. The new map has its own railway network that you can use to transport the native cows and the new crop type, sugarcane. Harvesting this brand new crop is the CASE IH A8800 MR sugarcane harvester, one of Farming Simulator 17 Platinum’s new vehicles! Drive and use over 275 authentic farming vehicles and equipment from more than 80 manufacturers! In addition to the many content already provided by Farming Simulator 17, Platinum Expansion will offer a host of new features, further enhancing gaming experience on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC / Mac. With Platinum Expansion, you can explore a new South American setting, with its authentic panorama, unique vegetation, railroad network, cattle herds and sugar cane fields, offering a radical landscape change and additional gameplay possibilities! You will still have more freedom of choice in developing your farm, thanks to the addition of sugar cane cultivation, which you can collect with the new CASE IH A8800 harvester. Farming Simulator 17 Platinum Edition will include new farm machinery from the most popular brands in South America, Poles and Australians, bringing the number of vehicles and tools in the game to over 275.


Youtube Channel

Welcome to my channel, my name is Galcomp Gamer. I do map spotlights, lets play, missions and garage spotlights for Farming Simulator 17 for the moment to see if my channel grows. So thanks for stopping by and hope you’re here to stay. Don’t forget to like and subscribe.

Pc Specs

Operating System: Windows 10 Pro 64-bit Processor:

Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-3330 CPU @ 3.00GHz (4 CPUs), 3.2GHz

Memory: 8192MB RAM 4gb

Graphics NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti

3tb Hard Drive

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Stargazer Map Building post.

This is a map that i am building in minecraft 1.7.10 call stargazer. It is a CTM map were you use a mod from Greg’s mod called the Stargate. I will put posts about my progress every couple of weeks.

Back Story

Your planet is being attacked by skeletons and the zombies. The king of the land has asked you to collect 16 wool and 4 blocks (iron, diamond, gold and coal) to activate a weapon being worked on in secret in a base in a mountain. the wool and blocks were sent to different parts of the world for safe keeping. You are to use a portal to go to each area to retrieve the wool. You are expected to meet resistant. Use your combat skill to save your planet.


Why Were you chosen

Since you defeated the invaders years ago, the king feels that you would be the best option for the job.

Spawn Area

Spawn Area

A small area with rules and settings for the map. There will also be instructions and a map explanation left there. A button will also be there for getting into the map. There are also chests with supplies and weapons.



Week 1 Wandering around this new world and collecting ore

Day 1

After I spawning into this new world I started to travel around looking for a plains biome to set-up a house and build a village. I travelled through 4 different biomes. The first was a snow biome. It had small hills and an ocean. There were trees and cattle. The second was a desert. Lots of sand and some cactus. the third was extreme hills. I did way marked these but the way mark disappeared. I will go looking for them at a later date.

Snow biome

After travelling for a couple of days I came across a plains biome. I set-up camp and build a mud house. I the future I will build a proper house. I started to mine for coal and sticks. I also found so iron so I can make sheers to sheer sheep wool. Now I can make  a bed and sleep the night away. I also made some wooden tools and upgraded them to stone. I made a furnace to cook meat and smelt raw ore.

Plains Biome

Had to make a few chests to store all the food and ore that I am collecting.

Day 2

I have collected sand and clay to make sear brick. With this I will build a smelter y to create iron tools that have make mining quicker. I have made a hammer and a pickaxe


Minecraft Life Blog

Welcome to my blog. This blog is for my Minecraft diary that I have started to write. I hope you enjoy my adventures in my world. I will be uploading weekly on a Tuesday around 9pm (GMT) Dublin, Edinburgh, Lisbon, London time zone.

The world is created in the feed the beast unleash pack. I picked this pack as I like all the mods in it and my computer can’t run anything higher from FTB. I will be recording in weekly slots in the Minecraft world which will be 7 Minecraft days. Below you will find the key to abbreviations to word I will be using.

World Time for upload
Ireland/Uk 9.00AM
USA 3.00AM
Australia 5.30PM
China 4.00PM
Japan 5.00PM
Canada 2.00AM
Russia 3.00PM


MCD Minecraft Day
FTB Feed the beast