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Farming Simulator 17 timelapse Thunder Valley ep14 Using the John Deere


In today’s Farming Simulator 17 timelapse I will finish harvesting field 13, windrow the straw and bale it. Finish seeding the meadow with oil seed radish and collect bales that i have already baled in field 13.


Farming simulator 17 map spotlight: ThornBrook farm

Today in this Farming simulator 17 map spotlight, i will be taking a tour on Thornbrook farm by Lancyboi


farming simulator 2017 baling hay timelapse thunder valley ep10

In this timelapse on thunder valley i cut and tedder a meadow. I have to buy a tedder. I use follow me mod and I drive the tractor with the mowers. I then windrow and bale it. I then put all the equipment away. In the next video i will collect the bales.


Farming Simulator 17 timelapse ep9 Thunder Valley

In this Farming Simulator 17 timelapse on Thunder Valley I finished the baling and put them away. I also finished seeding and fertilizing field 13.