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farming simulator 2017 baling hay timelapse thunder valley ep10

In this timelapse on thunder valley i cut and tedder a meadow. I have to buy a tedder. I use follow me mod and I drive the tractor with the mowers. I then windrow and bale it. I then put all the equipment away. In the next video i will collect the bales.


Farming Simulator 17 timelapse ep9 Thunder Valley

In this Farming Simulator 17 timelapse on Thunder Valley I finished the baling and put them away. I also finished seeding and fertilizing field 13.

Farming Simulator 17 Map Review: Valley View


Welcome to Valley View. A map set in steep sided valley carved by ancient glaciers. Settlers made camp next to the river many moons ago, and gradually the area became more populated. Slowly the town grew into what you see today. In medieval times a small settlement was made at the top of the south ridge looking over the Valley hence its name. In such a lush and fertile environment in was only natural farming took hold in the area.

This map includes all Farming Simulator 17 features.

-60 fields , 4 with missions.

-Scenic views across both sides of the valley.

-4 separate farms spread across the map, multiple sell points.

-The cow and pig sheds need to be mucked out to keep them clean.

-Moorland to take a nice quiet walk when you get the time that is.

-Forestry areas and a placeable area.

-Challenging terrain, animated gates, lights and doors.

-Multi-angle terrain, chopped straw and the map is seasons ready.

farming simulator 2017 timelapse silage| ep3 |Thunder Valley | part1

In this video about farming simulator 2017 timelapse silage i timelapse the preparation for silage. I have to do 2 missions for money. I also buy a water trailer to give the sheep water. I this let’s play i mow one of the meadow field thats on the map.